Fit Fucker Fernando

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Fernando Ferraro is hard and horny, and it's a good thing he's paired up with a bottom just as thirsty as he is. Lucca Santanna presses his tan, muscular body against Fernando and sucks on his Sexy Brazilian top's tongue, works his way down to Fernando's stiff tool. He sucks it like it's candy, filling his throat and licking the head and heavy balls.

When Lucca gets onto hands and knees, Fernando gives his round firm butt a few smacks in between drilling his tongue deep into the young tatted stud's hole. He's so ready to fuck that his dick practically points straight up while he's rimming. He plows in with Lucca strapped into a portable sling, thighs and neck wrapped with a wide leather band. The horny bottom's legs are held wide apart and his hole open to anything Fernando can dish out. He turns Lucca around to ram him from behind, Lucca grabbing the leather banquette to steady himself. Fernando grits his teeth and goes animal, fucking fast and deep with nothing held back. Both studs pant and gasp for breath as they get close to the edge. Fernando steps back and crams a giant yellow toy up Lucca's insatiable ass, lubes it with a thick white layer of grease. He works his fist in and spins it around before going back to the massive fuck toy. But he's gotta cum and can't wait a second more. Fernando sprays a sticky splatter into Lucca's mouth, then the satisfied bottom jerks his own onto the black leather bench and licks it up.


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